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What is team redleaf?

Team RedLeaf is a banner for our gym community to set our goals under and a flag to wave when we achieve them together.

In the heart of every journey lies the seed of a dream, waiting to sprout, grow, and transform into an inspiring reality. Welcome to Team RedLeaf, where we believe that pursuing goals isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about who we become along the way.

Just like a leaf changes colours through seasons, our team embodies the spirit of transformation. Led by a relentless passion for personal growth and accomplishment, we come together to nurture our ambitions and character. Each Team RedLeaf member understands that setting and achieving goals is a transformative experience that shapes us into individuals of resilience, determination, and boundless potential. Goals, big and small, are celebrated.

Whether you aim to conquer a physical peak, shatter mental barriers, or cultivate a healthier lifestyle, Team RedLeaf supports your every step. Our collective journey isn’t linear; it’s a mosaic of setbacks, triumphs, and continuous learning. We know that growth often happens beyond our comfort zones, and that’s where we thrive.

So, if you’re ready to embrace a challenge, to redefine your limits, and to craft your narrative of success, you’ve found your home in Team RedLeaf. Together, we’ll navigate the twists and turns, celebrate the victories, and emerge stronger, wiser, and more empowered than we ever thought possible.

Join us in this exhilarating adventure as we turn aspirations into achievements and dreams into reality and become the architects of our transformation. Just like the reddest leaf on a tree, you have the potential to stand out, to inspire, and to make a lasting impact. Your journey starts here with Team RedLeaf.


August 26
Wasaga Beach Triathlon
Wasaga, Ontario
4 x Leafs Attending

September 10
Georgina Half Marathon
Toronto, Ontario
3 x Leafs Attending

October 15
TCS Waterfront Half/Full marathon
Wasaga, Ontario
6 x Leafs Attending

November 18
Bros x Does
Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario
Tbd x Leafs Attending

December 2
Santa Shuffle 5k
Exhibition place, Toronto, Ontario
tbd x Leafs Attending

January 11-14
2024 Wodapalooza
Miami, Florida
tbd x Leafs Attending

February 16
2024 Crossfit Open
Home Base, 662 Caledonia Rd
tbd x Leafs Attending

Push Forward.
Get Results.
Keep Going.

With a philosophy built around resilience, support and guidance. We are different. We inspire our members to continue moving, get up when life knocks you down and continue achieving more and shape a lifestyle they will be proud of every day. Your future has been put on notice, and change is coming.

Let's get better together!

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