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When it comes to proper nutritional plans, our goal is to deliver long-term, easy-to-follow guidelines that produce sustainable results.

Using easy-to-read and follow nutritional templates, our coaches can help you lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain weight, depending on your desired performance results.

Our templates give you detailed information about your specific plan:

  • Serving guidelines for each meal;
  • Tips for how to modify your meals;
  • Portions for every body type, gender, and weight;
  • Food reference guides.


Actual RedLeaf Fitness members.
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Inspiring Success Stories.

“Redleaf is different. It is a unique community driven by the experience and education of Michelle and Sean. I have trained with them for almost a decade and, at 54, am in better shape than ever.”

“Despite sports injuries and back surgery issues, the PT and classes have made me stronger, smarter and equipped with a roadmap of how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, and more importantly, how to maintain it. They lead by example and inspire each and every member with their enthusiasm and ability to get the very best from you. It has truly changed my life.”

– Kim

“As a 40-something, busy mom of two, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to RedLeaf! Sean‘s personal training programs are well thought out, with a focus on strength and reaching long-term goals.”

“He challenges me big-time and I walk away from each session feeling accomplished. It’s clear that Sean cares deeply about his clients’ physical and mental health; he’s motivating without being preachy (plus, he has a great sense of humour!). RedLeaf’s classes are just as awesome—challenging, fun and never the same thing twice. I’m grateful to be a part of this community that is so incredibly supportive and down-to-earth.”

– Shawna

Push Forward.
Get Results.
Keep Going.

With a philosophy built around resilience, support and guidance. We are different. We inspire our members to continue moving, get up when life knocks you down and continue achieving more and shape a lifestyle they will be proud of every day. Your future has been put on notice, and change is coming.

Let's get better together!

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