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 Who we are

RedLeaf Fitness, at its core, is a community of like-minded people passionate about health, nutrition, fitness and forming lasting bonds. Our goal is and always will be to get Canadians from all walks of life in the best shape of their lives. 

Our team of experienced and professional coaches work with our clients day after day and month after month to encourage progression, hard work, commitment, and accomplishing personal goals. In addition, we provide all Canadians with various ways to achieve their fitness aims through our dynamic range of training options, group classes, and unique support systems and tailored programs.

Our Team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

– Michael Jordan”
Sean Blinch

Sean Blinch

Coach & Co-founder


Sean’s career as a trainer began over 15 years ago after a transformational weight loss where he lost over 100lbs. This change inspired him to seek out a major gym brand and join the team. With a little more than a positive attitude and a promise and drive to become one of the company’s top trainers, Sean was hired. Staying true to his word, Sean won Toronto’s top Trainer and spent five rewarding years with the gym. After working for a gym, Sean, using his hard-earned experience and filled with optimism, decided to strike out on his own, training a group of loyal clients, eventually paving the way towards the creation and opening of RedLeaf Fitness. Ever dedicated to helping Canadians get in the best shape of their lives, Sean and his team plan to continue pushing forward and expanding RedLeaf’s horizons by opening more locations across Canada.

  • CrossFit Level 1, 2010, 2015
  • CrossFit Level 2, (Sept 2020)
  • CrossFit, Scaling Course (2020)
  • NCFIT SUMMIT, 2019
  • Lucas Parker Barbell Cycling (2018)
  • Business Workshop with Jason Khalipa and J. Perlmutter
  • Alex Kazam Gymnastics Workshop, 2016
  • Olympic Lifting Seminar with Greg Everette
  • Olympic Lifting Seminar with Pierre Auge and Willie Albert
  • Olympic Lifting Seminar completed with Hani Kanama
  • Olympic Lifting Seminar completed with John Broz
  • Tudor Bompa Periodization and Program Design
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist (stretch to win)
  • Biosignature Practitioner (Poliquin) 2012
  • Fascial Adhesion Tool
  • Darby training: ae, est, msmt
  • Agatsu kettlebell L1
  • Ajamu kettlebell L1
  • S.W.I.S muscle testing level 1 Certified
  • Vitruvian muscle testing – L1, 2, 3
  • Can-Fit-Pro PTS certified
  • Red cross-level c first aid certified
  • Robb Wolf Paleo Nutrition seminar 2011
  • Zona health & sports performance nutrition L1
  • Dr. Mat Lalond nutrition seminar 2010, 2011

12 Pack ($130/Hr)
12 x $130 = $1560 + HST

24 Pack ($125/Hr)
24 x $125 = $3000 + HST

Michelle Dukowski

Michelle Dukowski

Coach & Co-founder


After spending most of her life as a competitive soccer player, Michelle was a natural fit when she found her way into the professional fitness industry. She began her career as a personal trainer over ten years ago within one of Canada’s largest fitness companies. Eventually, Michelle decided to start her own training business before she joined RedLeaf Fitness. Michelle has always had a passion for helping others and creating positive change in as many people’s lives as possible. Michelle measures success by day-to-day achievements, the confidence people learn to have in themselves, and the positive impact she can have on her community.

  • CrossFit Level 1, 2010, 2015
  • Lucas Parker Barbell Cycling (2018)
  • DTS Nutrition Fundamentals
  • CrossFit, Level 1
  • CrossFit Endurance, Level 1
  • Alex Kazam Gymnastics Workshop, 2016
  • Stretch to Win Institute, Fascial Stretch Therapy Upper and Lower Body Level 1
  • Darby Training Systems, Level 1
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, Level 1
  • NCCP, Level 1
  • Tudor Bompa Periodization and Program Design
  • Vitruvian Muscle Testing, Level 1
  • Robb Wolf Nutrition Seminar, 2011
  • Dr. Mat Lalonde Nutrition Seminar, 2011
  • CrossFit L2 2021
  • CrossFit Scaling 2021
  • CrossFit Spot the Flaw 2021
  • Optimizeme Nutrition- Master Class 2021

12 Pack ($130/Hr)
12 x $130 = $1560 + HST

24 Pack ($125/Hr)
24 x $125 = $3000 + HST

Elliot Schnabel

Elliot Schnabel



Elliot’s career in professional fitness began over six years ago after working the corporate life for more than eight years. After being a highly competitive athlete throughout his high school career, Elliot began to notice that his desk job and increased inactivity caused him to gain over 80 pounds. Driven to make a change and get back in shape, he found CrossFit. Elliot also soon discovered a community that shared his same goals and the motivation and lifestyle support Elliot needed to keep going towards his goal. After finding this new outlet, Elliot lost over 65 pounds and became stronger, faster, and more athletic than he ever was during his younger years. Elliot now wants to provide the same support and guidance he had when he was making his lifestyle change to those in the same position he once was.

  • Crossfit L2 – 2020
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 – 2020
  • Darby Training Systems Lean Body Coach – 2020
  • Darby Training Systems Low Back Pain Specialist – 2020
  • Darby Training Systems – Level 1 Trainer 2018
  • Crossfit L1 – 2015

12 Pack ($115/hr)
12 x $115 = $1380 + HST

24 Pack ($110/hr)
24 x $110 = $2640 + HST

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 Building on Success

At RedLeaf Fitness, we don’t believe in finish lines.
We believe in training, achieving results, and building on success.


Actual RedLeaf Fitness members.
Real results.
Inspiring Success Stories.

Take a look at what our members are saying about their time and effort with RedLeaf Fitness. When you join us, you aren’t just joining a gym; you are taking part in a community of individuals who are there for each other and help each other through the challenges and successes that come with training.

We’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals and #keepgoing.

“I never thought I would like Crossfit. It never appealed to me, and I didn’t know much about it. I liked being active, but gyms and structured workouts were not something I was interested in.”

“It has been over a year of workouts with Sean from Redleaf, and I am hooked. I am also fitter and healthier for it. As a working mom, it’s difficult to find time to exercise. Having workouts built into the workday ensures that I always make time for it. On days where I am tired and not sure I have the energy, Sean’s enthusiasm and encouragement provide the motivation I need. Sean is amazing! He always takes the time to make sure that everyone understands the daily workout and will adapt movements to suit all levels.

The virtual classes have been a great way to connect with coworkers while we are all home and working remotely.

I look forward to the challenge of every workout, and it is always the best hour of my day!”

– Karen

“Our RedLeaf classes have become a pillar to my training, as an effective complement to cycling. Sean has taken the time to educate our team on the benefits of cross-training for our sport, and the results are proof that it works.”

“As a side benefit, the classes are always fun and engaging.  Sean is great at keeping it interesting and gets to know everyone as individuals, working to make any adjustments that might be needed for each person.

The virtual classes have been a very welcome way to break up the day of working from home, and the classes are modified to suit the type of equipment we might already have at home.”

– Maria

“I’ve been working out as part of Sean’s Redleaf corporate sessions for over a year now. When first presented by my company (Cervélo Cycles), I was unsure if Crossfit-style workouts would be a good idea with some injuries I was carrying (bad back in particular). As it turns out, everything has been great.”

“I’ve always preferred balanced workouts – strength and conditioning, arms & legs, and that’s when we’ve gotten through Redleaf. Our group has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last year and a half with two lunch classes per week, and I think I’ve matched my previous peak fitness of 20 years ago. Sean has evolved the workouts over time to ensure we are progressing & remain challenged and adjusts for individual challenges/requests.

As the COVID pandemic hit and we shifted to working from home, the group all noted the workouts were one of the things we’d miss most of all. Fortunately, Sean has offered us ‘home program’ workouts through a video call – now 3x per week. These have been great – about as close to the regular class experience as one could expect. I am fortunate to be fairly well equipped at home with weights & mats, but those who weren’t were offered loaners. It has been great for my mental state to keep fit during the home isolation/distancing, and it’s refreshing to have an hour of the day where it’s not possible to think about work or worry about anything other than the workout. Seeing & hearing Sean & the group on-screen really helps us feel connected as well – it definitely benefits us as a team.”

– Sean M

“I’ve been doing this for almost two years and kept it up during lockdown via zoom. Not only have I gotten significantly stronger but I’ve been able to hone in on specific goals that the two of us had laid out and discussed together. Michelle keeps me challenged and motivated and I couldn’t imagine starting my day any other way.”

I meet with Michelle twice a week in the morning before I head off to work.  I’ve been doing this for almost two years and kept it up during lockdown via zoom. Not only have I gotten significantly stronger but I’ve been able to hone in on specific goals that the two of us had laid out and discussed together.

Michelle keeps me challenged and motivated and I couldn’t imagine starting my day any other way.  I continue to look forward to our sessions week after week and I am grateful that she has come into my life.

– Jay

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