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Whether you want to offer your employees a unique benefit for your office or you’re looking to strengthen your team’s bond, our Corporate Fitness offerings can get you and your employees feeling energized and ready to take on anything.

Collaborations with companies such as Canada Goose, Cervelo, CBRE, CIBC, CPPIB, and more have allowed the spread of more happy, healthy, and fit employees.

How Corporate Fitness helps a business:

  • A corporate fitness offering will help create a positive work-life balance helping to ensure current staff are happy and making your business more appealing to future employees.
  • A staff that works out together achieves more together. A corporate fitness plan can help make employees motivated to achieve more at the office.
  • Do you work in a high-stress environment and want to help your team? Corporate fitness helps reduce stress and promote positive and healthy habits. 
  • With a corporate fitness program, you can create a work environment built around solidarity and support as your team works towards the common goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

RedLeaf Workplace is a 4 week workout and nutrition program that includes:

4 x 30 minute fitness classes

Using functional movements geared to all experience levels, including beginners. No equipment required.

1 x Nutrition Seminar

Learn everything you need to know to get the most out of your day and get in the best shape of your life.

4 x Week Food Template

Includes Nutrition Tracker.


Actual RedLeaf Fitness members.
Real results.
Inspiring Success Stories.

“I never thought I would like Crossfit. It never appealed to me, and I didn’t know much about it. I liked being active, but gyms and structured workouts were not something I was interested in.”

“It has been over a year of workouts with Sean from Redleaf, and I am hooked. I am also fitter and healthier for it. As a working mom, it’s difficult to find time to exercise. Having workouts built into the workday ensures that I always make time for it. On days where I am tired and not sure I have the energy, Sean’s enthusiasm and encouragement provide the motivation I need. Sean is amazing! He always takes the time to make sure that everyone understands the daily workout and will adapt movements to suit all levels.

The virtual classes have been a great way to connect with coworkers while we are all home and working remotely.

I look forward to the challenge of every workout, and it is always the best hour of my day!”

– Karen

“Our RedLeaf classes have become a pillar to my training, as an effective complement to cycling. Sean has taken the time to educate our team on the benefits of cross-training for our sport, and the results are proof that it works.”

“As a side benefit, the classes are always fun and engaging.  Sean is great at keeping it interesting and gets to know everyone as individuals, working to make any adjustments that might be needed for each person.

The virtual classes have been a very welcome way to break up the day of working from home, and the classes are modified to suit the type of equipment we might already have at home.”

– Maria

Push Forward.
Get Results.
Keep Going.

With a philosophy built around resilience, support and guidance. We are different. We inspire our members to continue moving, get up when life knocks you down and continue achieving more and shape a lifestyle they will be proud of every day. Your future has been put on notice, and change is coming.

Let's get better together!

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