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Classes For All Levels of Fitness


RedFit  is a beginner-Intermediate level group Fitness Class with a fun combination of movements that build strength, burn calories, and improve cardiovascular endurance.

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BlocWOD is an advanced CrossFit Class running on a 4 day per week split that uses a proven strength and conditioning method: Periodization. 

Prepare to be pushed.  Programmed over 365 days, BlocWOD is designed to have you peaked and ready for the CrossFit Open.   

Train smarter.  Be more efficient with your time making it easier to strike the perfect balance in career, family, fitness and adventure.


LittleLeafs is a strength and conditioning program for kids ages 8-12 which uses games, functional movements and light equipment and is geared to all fitness levels, including beginners.  The main goals are to get kids moving, have them feeling stronger, and to safely build their confidence and athletic ability- all while having fun!  We use our creativity with games, obstacles and partner or team workouts to deliver a one hour action-packed kids’ fitness class.  LittleLeafs is not to be taken too seriously, or too competitively, although a little healthy competition can be fun!  This program is a great way to introduce fitness in a non-threatening way, fostering a lifetime love of sport, athleticism and fun!  This is a drop-off program.


Gymnastics Class is for adult beginners and intermediates alike; this class will teach you the basics of gymnastics and help you build the strength you need to hold proper balance.


Oly Lifting Class is suitable for beginners and intermediates alike.  Focused on Snatch and Clean and Jerk and anything in between.  Lead and programmed by RedLeaf Olympic Lifting Head Coach Isaac Baik. 


(Month to Month, no contracts -ever.)



Amenities Included!

  • Free Smiles

  • World Class Trainers, Staff and Coaches 

  • No Contracts + The Best Value In the City

  • 50+ Classes Running Weekly

  • Premium Water Filter Station

  • Bright, Beautiful & Motivating 7,000sq ft Facility    

  • Smart, Safe, Effective Class Programming

  • Modern Bathrooms + Bright Showers + Towel Service

  • Recovery Dry Sauna

  • Physio & Registered Wellness Services

  • Protein Smoothie Bar (yum!) 

  • Fresh Coffee + Impact Kitchen Baked Goods and Macro To Go Bowls

  • Tons of Parking  (vroom vroom!)

  • AED Onsite Facility 


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