A new year is like a painter starting with a fresh canvas. It’s hers to shape and perfect.

But as we look ahead, let’s also take time to reflect on our health and fitness journey on the 12 months just passed.

For those who were successful in 2020, Keep Going! Be proud of your accomplishments and lend a hand to someone else in your life that may need it.

For others, as we begin 2021, it’s time to remove all the challenges, obstacles, and excuses that have been in your way in 2020.

But where do we start? Here’s three sure-fire ways to make a change, your health and fitness journey:

1. You should start slow in January. Think of it as a month to build momentum on what’s to come. Start creating small habits you can integrate easily. Use the December Healthy Holiday Challenge habits as a start (posted on the @redleaf_fitness Instagram page).

2. Find a small win daily. Instead of tackling hard goals from the start, begin with accomplishing small goals and finding small wins every day.

Here is an outstanding method passed onto me from a friend who is a fan of James Clear. (His book Atomic Habits is on my list to read this year. WIN!)

“If you have a goal to start running in 2021, try chalking up small wins each day.

Start with just taking your shoes out of storage and placing them by the door. WIN.

Maybe for a few days or weeks you just look at them. WIN.

Perhaps one day you put them on. WIN. 

A week later you put them on and walk around in your house. WIN.

One morning with your shoes on, you decide to go out for a morning walk. WIN.

Slowly, this will get you running. Those small daily wins matter and will help you create habits to inch you towards your goals. “

3 – Write down your goals using pen and paper. Seeing your goals on paper helps immensely. It allows you to see what it is you really want to achieve.


Here are bonus ideas on modifying your diet that will in turn support your new fitness goals:

  • Eat vegetables with every meal.
  • Commit to drinking water with dinner.
  • Cook at least three homemade meals per week.
  • Drink less alcoholic drinks per week.
  • Eat less sugar.
  • Commit to drinking more water throughout the day.
  • Commit to doing a personal training session once a week with RedLeaf Fitness.
  • Stretch when you wake up, or before bed, or do it both times.
  • Aim to get 8-10k steps every day.

Happy New Year, Keep Going & wishing you all a fruitful 2021.