How To Get The Best Fitness at Home

How To Get The Best Fitness at Home

Here we go again. The gym is closed, and it feels like we are back to ground zero.

Except this time we face new challenges – it’s the holiday season, it’s cold outside, and our days have less sunlight.

What does this mean for us? It means we need to Keep Going, take our fitness home, and make it a priority.

Here are my four tips when working out from home.

1 – Schedule it In Stone

Set up a schedule and insert a time for your workout. Whether it’s for 20 minutes, or one hour, mark it in, and ensure that the time slot is now blocked off. Don’t let any meetings or tasks compete with that spot.

2 – Tools You Will Need

Great news, your body is your first tool! The number of exercises and the intensity you can accomplish using your own body weight is unlimited.

Yet you may still want to add some equipment to boost your workout. My recommendations to start are: light weights (dumbbell or kettlebell), a jump rope, and a medium resistance band.

If you are an active member of RedLeaf Fitness, you can email Coach Michelle at to have that set up for you.

3 – A Space for Fitness

Ideally you don’t want to workout in the same area where you have your virtual office. Instead, consider a popup gym in a spare room, or an area used less frequently. Then it becomes a special area for getting fit and healthy. This is a space where once you enter you can tell yourself: “It’s go time!”

4 – Movement Snacks Are a Thing

Movement snacks are small breaks during the day, say one to five minutes long, where you get up from your chair and move your limbs. This can be a stretch or a couple of exercises.
An example of this would be interlocking your fingers behind your low back and opening up the chest for 30 seconds. Or, perform 20 stand-and-sit movements, like a squat, from your chair or couch.

With this, it’s time to decide whether you are goal-oriented or someone who needs accountability. This is especially important to ensure you Keep Going despite feeling unmotivated.

Goal-Oriented Athletes

If you’re someone who is motivated by a challenge, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your goals to see what you can accomplish to keep moving the needle.

What goal will you set to get you out of bed to hit your gym? Or, what do you need to get your workout in after a long day of work?

When establishing your goal, ensure it is SMART. That is, make sure your goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. If you need help tailoring your goal, reach out to one of the coaches at RedLeaf Fitness who will be over the moon to guide you.

Accountability and You

If you’re someone that needs accountability. We are here for you! With RedLeaf Zoom or RedLeaf Zoom Personal Training, you can make an appointment today to ensure you reach or exceed your fitness goals. Inquire today and let’s keep you on track toward your fitness and health goals.

Happy Holidays from Coach Sam!